Recent Publications

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  • Yang ZT, Wang L, Wong SM and Yue GH. (2020) The HIF1an gene and its association with hypoxia tolerance in the Asian seabass. Gene 731: 144341. Abstract | PDF
  • Macharia M, Das P, Naqvi N*, Wong S*. (2020) iTRAQ proteomics reveals a ferroptosis-like cell death in plants infected by a highly virulent tobacco mosaic virus mutant 24A+UPD. Phytopathology Research 2: 1. PDF | URL
  • Greig J, Nguyen TA, Leel M, Holehouse AS, Posey AE, Pappu RV, Jedd G. (2020) Arginine-enriched mixed charge domains provide cohesion for nuclear speckle condensation. Molecular Cell .: .. DOI: Abstract
  • Yue GH, Chang A, Yuzer A and Suwanto A. (2020) Current Knowledge on the Biology and Aquaculture of the Endangered Asian Arowana. REVIEWS IN FISHERIES SCIENCE & AQUACULTURE 28: 193-210. Abstract | PDF | URL
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  • Zhong WP*, Wang Z*, Kumar SR, Yong HY, Prabakaran M. (2020) Modification of Neutralizing Epitopes of Hemagglutinin for the Development of Broadly Protective H9N2 Vaccine. Vaccine 38(6): 1286-1290. (*Co-first author). URL
  • Rao VK, Adusumalli S, Tham GH, Lin WQ, Han BB, Benoukraf T, Xu GL, Ong CT. (2020) Phosphorylation of Tet3 by cdk5 is critical for robust activation of BRN2 during neuronal differentiation. Nucleic Acids Research 48(3): 1225-1238. PDF
  • Ong CT, Adusumalli S. (2020) Increased intron retention is linked to Alzheimer's disease. Neural regeneration research 15(2): 259-260. PDF
  • Liu Y, Patkar R, Naqvi N. (2020) Detection of Fungal Jasmonates by Liquid Chromatography Paired with Mass Spectrometry. Methods in Molecular Biology 2085: 189-198. doi: 10.1007/978-1-0716-0142-6_14. PDF | URL
  • Urano D, Leong R, Wu TY, Jones AM. (2020) Quantitative morphological phenomics of rice G protein mutants portend autoimmunity. Developmental Biology 457: 83-90. doi: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2019.09.007