Recent Publications

  • Seo JS, Diloknawarit P, Park BS and Chua NH. (2019) ELF18-INDUCED LONG NONCODING RNA 1 evicts fibrillarin from mediator subunit to enhance PATHOGENESIS-RELATEDGENE 1 (PR1) expression. New Phytologist 221: 2067–2079. Abstract | URL
  • YUE GH. (2019) The ornamental fish industry in Singapore. Journal of Fisheries of China (43) 1: 116-127. Abstract | PDF
  • Chen YH, Lian YY, He HH, Yuan K, Zhang CZ, Yue GH and He JG. (2019) Functional characterization of an ER-stress responding Crustin gene in Litopenaeus vannamei. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 85: 541-55. Abstract | PDF
  • Wu D, Liang Z, Yan T, Xu Y, Xuan L, Tang J, Zhou G, Lohwasser U, Hua S, Wang H, Chen X, Wang Q, Zhu L, Maodzeka A, Hussain N, Li Z, Li X, Shamsi I, Jilani G, Wu L, Zheng H, Zhang G, Chalhoub B, Shen L*, Yu H*, Jiang L*. (2019) Whole-genome resequencing of a world-wide collection of rapeseed accessions reveals the genetic basis of ecotype divergence. Molecular Plant 12: 30-43. (*Co-corresponding author)
  • Zheng J, Zhuang Y, Mao HZ, Jang IC. (2019) Overexpression of SrDXS1 and SrKAH Enhances Steviol Glycosides Content in Transgenic Stevia Plants. BMC Plant Biology 19: 1. PDF
  • Chan SN and Pek JW. (2019) Stable intronic sequence RNAs (sisRNAs): an expanding universe. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 44: 258-272. PDF | URL