Recent Publications

  • Reddy VA#, Leong SH#, Jang I-C*, Rajani S*. (2022) Metabolic Engineering of Nicotiana benthamiana to Produce Cannabinoid Precursors and Their Analogues. Metabolites 12: 1181. (#first authors, *corresponding authors). URL
  • Cheng SLH, Wu HW, Xu H, Singh RM, Yao T, Jang IC, Chua NH. (2022) Nutrient status regulates MED19a phase separation for ORESARA1-dependent senescence. New Phytologist 236: 1779-1795. URL
  • Steven Le Hung Cheng, Hui-Wen Wu, Haiying Xu, Reuben Manjit Singh, Tao Yao, In-Cheol Jang, Nam-Hai Chua. (2022) Nutrient status regulates MED19a phase separation for ORESARA1-dependent senescence. New Phytologist 236: 1779–1795. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Jingjing Jin‡, Naohiko Ohama‡, Xiujing He, Hui-Wen Wu, Nam-Hai Chua. (2022) Tissue-specific transcriptomic analysis uncovers potential roles of natural antisense transcripts in Arabidopsis heat stress response. Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 997967. ‡These authors have contributed equally to this work. Abstract | PDF
  • Su-Hyun Park, Jin Seo Jeong, Yu Zhou, Nur Fatimah Binte Mustafa, Nam-Hai Chua. (2022) Deubiquitination of BES1 by UBP12/UBP13 promotes brassinosteroid signaling and plant growth. Plant Communications 3, Issue 5: 100348. Abstract | PDF
  • Shaffer JP, Nothias LF, Thompson LR, Sanders JG, Salido RA, Couvillion SP, Brejnrod AD, Huang S, Lejzerowicz F, Lutz HL, Zhu Q, Martino C, Morton JT, Karthikeyan S, Nothias-Esposito M, Dührkop K, Böcker S, Kim HW, Aksenov AA, Bittremieux W, Minich JJ, Marotz C, Bryant MM, Sanders K, Schwartz T, Humphrey G, Vásquez-Baeza Y, Tripathi A, Parida L, Carrieri AP, Haiminen N, Beck KL, Das P, González A, McDonald D, Karst SM, Albertsen M, Ackermann G, DeReus J, Thomas T, Petras D, Shade A, Stegen J, Song SJ, Metz TO, Swafford AD, Dorrestein PC, Jansson JK, Gilbert JA, Knight R, the Earth Microbiome Project 500 (EMP500) Consortium. (2022) Multi-omics profiling of Earth’s biomes reveals that microbial and metabolite composition are shaped by the environment. Nature Microbiology XX: X-X. URL
  • Gounot JS, Chia M, Bertrand D, Saw WY, Ravikrishnan A, Low A, Ding Y, Ng AHQ, Tan LWL, Teo YY#, Seedorf H#, Nagarajan N#. (2022) Genome-centric analysis of short and long read metagenomes reveals uncharacterized microbiome diversity in Southeast Asians. Nature Communications 6044: 1-11. PDF
  • Low A, Lee JKY, Gounot JS, Ravikrishnan A, Ding Y, Saw WY, Tan LWL, DKN Moong, Teo YY, Nagarajan N#, Seedorf H#. (2022) Mutual Exclusion of Methanobrevibacter Species in the Human Gut Microbiota Facilitates Directed Cultivation of a Candidatus Methanobrevibacter Intestini Representative. Microbiology Spectrum 10: e00849-22. PDF
  • Lim FBH, Lei T, Fenandez G, Lopez N, Chu AL, Valiente A, Nagesetti A, Nelson A, Schmidt K, Chang TC, Piloto O, Cheong I. (2022) A colorimetric chemical tongue detects and distinguishes between multiple analytes. Analyst 147: 5283-5292. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Leong R, Tan J, Koh S, Wu TY, Ishizaki K, Urano D. (2022) G protein-signaling and metabolic pathways as evolutionarily conserved mechanisms to combat calcium deficiency. New Phytologist .: .. (Online ahead of print) doi: 10.1111/nph.18561. URL
  • Dzaki N#, Bu S#, Lau SSY, Yong WL, and Yu F*. (2022) Drosophila GSK3beta promotes microtubule disassembly and dendrite pruning in sensory neurons. Development 149 (22):: dev200844. Abstract
  • Yang ZT*, Yu YP*,Wang L, Wong SM, YUE GH (*equal contribution). (2022) Silencing Asian seabass gab3 inhibits nervous necrosis virus replication. Marine Biotechnology 6: 1084-1093. Abstract | URL
  • Yang X, Gavya LS, Zhou Z, Urano D, Lau OS. (2022) Abscisic acid regulates stomatal production by imprinting a SnRK2 kinase-mediated phosphocode on the master regulator SPEECHLESS. Science Advances 8: eadd2063. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.add2063. URL
  • Ngian ZK, Tan YY, Choo CT, Lin WQ, Leow CY, Mah SJ, Lai MKP, Chen CLH, Ong CT. (2022) Truncated Tau caused by intron retention is enriched in Alzheimer disease cortex and exhibits altered biochemical properties. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 119(37): e2204179119:1-7. PDF | URL
  • Yue GH, Wen YF, Sun F, Wang L, Yang ZT and Pang HY. (2022) Occurrence of dorsal fin and opercular deformities and their effects on body weight in Asian seabass. Aquaculture 561: 738694. Abstract | PDF
  • Yeo HC, Reddy VA, Mun BG, Leong SH, Dhandapani S, Rajani S, Jang IC. (2022) Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Coordinated Transcriptional Regulation of Central and Secondary Metabolism in the Trichomes of Cannabis Cultivars. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23: 8310
  • Yeo HC#, Reddy VA#, Mun BG, Leong SH, Dhandapani S, Rajani S*, Jang IC*. (2022) Comparative transcriptome analysis reveals coordinated tran-scriptional regulation of central and secondary metabolism in the trichomes of Cannabis cultivars. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23: 8310. (#first authors, *corresponding authors). URL
  • Tay S, Foo CS, Urano D, Leong R, Low KH. (2022) Efficient Distributionally Robust Bayesian Optimization with Worst-case Sensitivity.. International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 162: 21180-21204. URL
  • Zhang Y, Fan S, Hua C, Teo ZWN, Kiang JX, Shen L* and Yu H*. (2022) Phase separation of HRLP regulates flowering time in Arabidopsis. Science Advances 8: eabn5488. (*co-corresponding author)
  • Chen X*, Selvaraj P*, Lin L, Fang W, Wu C, Yang P, Zhang J, Abubakar Y, Yang F, Lu G, Liu W, Wang Z, Naweed I. Naqvi*, Zheng W*. (2022) Rab7/Retromer-based endolysosomal trafficking facilitates effector secretion and host invasion in rice blast. BioRxiv -: -. Preprint []. PDF | URL
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