Our challenge is to exploit the Laboratory’s achievements in R&D through successful partnership with the biotechnology industry.

Besides creating intellectual property, a key function of TLL is to proactively help translate research into application through successful partnership with local and international life sciences companies. We hope to create a new cluster of knowledge-intensive industries in the broad areas of biotechnology in Singapore.

The commercialisation strategy we adopt includes licensing and research collaboration agreements with local and international partners as well as forging alliances with established research organisations. This strategy enables us to identify parties with complementary fit and harness our respective strengths in forming mutually beneficial partnerships.

TLL is working with a number of local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to provide R&D consultation and technology transfer to assist these companies to move up the technology ladder. The Laboratory is also working with American and European multi-national corporations (MNCs) on R&D in cutting edge scientific discovery.

At present, we are exploring various avenues to commercialise our projects in animal health, fish and plant biotechnology as well as drug discovery with a number of potential industrial partners.

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)