Recent Publications

  • Yoon J, Grinchuk OV, Tirado-Magallanes R, Ngian ZK, Tay EXY, Chuah YH, Lee BWL, Feng J, Crasta KC, Ong CT, Benoukraf T, Ong DST. (2022) E2F and STAT3 provide transcriptional synergy for histone variant H2AZ activation to sustain glioblastoma chromatin accessibility and tumorigenicity. Cell Death & Differentiation OA: 1-16. URL
  • Lin WQ, Ngian ZK, Koh TW, Ong CT. (2022) Altered stability of nuclear lamin-B marks the onset of aging in male Drosophila. plos one 17(3):e0265223: 1-12. Abstract | PDF
  • Zhang R, Koh SS, Teo MJ, Bi R, Zhang S, Dev K, Urano D, Dinish US, Olivo M. (2022) Handheld Multifunctional Fluorescence Imager for Non-Invasive Plant Phenotyping. Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 822634. URL
  • Cheng P, Bao S, Li C, Tong J, Shen L* and Yu H*. (2022) RNA N6-methyladenosine modification promotes auxin biosynthesis required for male meiosis in rice. Developmental Cell 57: 246-259 e244. (*co-corresponding author)
  • Xu T, Wu X, Wong CE, Fan S, Zhang Y, Zhang S, Liang Z, Yu H* and Shen L*. (2022) FIONA1-mediated m6A modification regulates the floral transition in Arabidopsis. Advanced Science 9: e2103628. (*co-corresponding author)
  • Zhang Y and Shen L. (2022) CPL2 and CPL3 act redundantly in FLC activation and flowering time regulation in Arabidopsis. Plant Signaling Behavior -: 2026614
  • Jia H, Miller EA, Chan CC, Ng SY, Prabakaran M, Tao M, Cheong I, Lim SM, Chen MW, Gao X, Abirami R, McBee ME, Preiser PR, Sikes HD, Kongsuphol P. (2022) Development and translation of a paper-based top readout vertical flow assay for SARS-CoV-2 surveillance. Lab on a Chip 22(7): 1321-1332. Abstract | URL
  • Qiu J, Xie J, Chen Y, Shen Z, Shi H, Naqvi N, Qian Q, Liang Y, Kou Y. (2022) Warm temperature compromises JA-regulated basal resistance to enhance Magnaporthe oryzae infection in rice. Molecular Plant 15: 723-739. PDF | URL
  • Dong L, Ma Y, Chen C-Y, Shen L, Sun W, Cui G, Naqvi N, Deng Y. (2022) Identification and Characterization of Auxin Biosynthesis Pathway in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Journal of Fungi 8(2): 208. PDF | URL
  • Chen TA, Lin KY, Yang SM, Tseng CY, Wang YT, Lin CH, Luo LC, Cai Y, Hsu HJ. (2022) Canonical Wnt signaling promotes formation of somatic permeability barrier for proper germ cell differentiation. BioRxiv 10.1101/2022.02. Abstract | URL
  • Zakir TS, Meng T, Carmen LCP, Chu JJH, Lin RTP, Prabakaran M. (2022) Characterization of a broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody against SARS-CoV-2 variants. Viruses 14(2): 230. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Sarangapani S, Nadimuthu K, Tan S-Y, Sarojam R. (2022) Evaluating the antibacterial activity and mode of action of Thymol loaded chitosan nanoparticles against plant bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv campestris (Xcc). Frontiers in Microbiology 12: 792737.. PDF | URL
  • Chandrasekharan S, Chinnasamy G and Bhatnagar S. (2022) Sustainable phyto-fabrication of silver nanoparticles using Gmelina arborea exhibit antimicrobial and biofilm inhibition activity. Scientific Reports 12: 156. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Xia JH, Gomes GB, Yue GH. (2022) Editorial special issue: Emerging and disruptive technologies for aquaculture. Aquaculture and Fisheries (Science Press China) 7: 109-100. PDF
  • Biswal AK, Wu TY, Urano D, RĂ©mi P, Morel JB, Jones AM, Biswal AK. (2022) Novel mutant alleles reveal a role of the extra-large G protein in rice grain filling, panicle architecture, plant growth, and disease resistance. Frontiers in Plant Science 12: 782960. URL
  • Alfiko Y*, Xie DZ*, Astutic RT*, Wong J.** and Wang L.** (* equal contribution, ** corresponding authors). (2022) Insects as a feed ingredient for fish culture: Status and trends. Aquaculture and Fisheries (Science Press China) 7: 166-178. Abstract | PDF
  • Wang L#, Sun F#, Wan ZY, Yang ZT, Tay YX, Lee M, Ye BQ, Wen YF, Meng ZN, Fan B, Alfiko Y, Shen YB, Piferrer F*, Meyer A*, Schartl M*, and Yue GH* (# equal contribution, * co-corresponding author). (2022) Transposon-induced epigenetic silencing in the X chromosome as a novel form of dmrt1 expression regulation during sex determination in the fighting fish. BMC Biology 20: 5. Abstract | PDF
  • Wang L, Sun F, Lee M. Yue G. (2022) Whole genome resequencing infers genomic basis of the Giant phenotype in Betta splendens. Zoological Research 43: 78-80. PDF
  • Liu F, Sun F, Kuang GQ, Wang L, Yue GH. (2022) Identification of Pmel17 for golden skin color using linkage mapping in Mozambique tilapia. Aquaculture 548: 737703. PDF
  • Yue GH, Lai CC, Lee M, Wang L, Song ZJ. (2022) Developing First Microsatellites and Analysing Genetic Diversity in Six Chia Cultivars. GENETIC RESOURCES AND CROP EVOLUTION 69: 1303 - 1312. PDF
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