Recent Publications

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  • Wang J, Zeng X, Tian D, Yang X, Wang L and Yin Z. (2018) The pepper Bs4C proteins are localized to the ER membrane and confer disease resistance to bacterial blight in transgenic rice. Molecular Plant Pathology 19: 2025-2035. Online first published: 30 March 2018. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Bai B*, Zhang YJ*, Wang L, Lee M, Rahmadsyah, Ye BQ, Alfiko Y, Purwantomo S, Suwanto S, Yue GH (* Co-first author). (2018) Mapping QTL for leaf area in oil palm using genotyping by sequencing. Tree Genetics & Genomes 14: 31. Abstract | PDF
  • Nguyen TA, Greig J, Khan A, Goh C & Jedd G. (2018) Evolutionary novelty in gravity sensing through horizontal gene transfer and high-order protein assembly.. PLOS Biology 16(4):: e2004920. URL
  • Tan WS, Cai Y and Baeg GH. (2018) The Regulation of Germline Stem Cells and Their Neighbouring Somatic Cells in the Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster). Germ Cell. Chapter 2: 23-42. Invited. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Shen Q, Liu Y, Naqvi N. (2018) Fungal effectors at the crossroads of phytohormone signaling. Current Opinion in Microbiology 46: 1-6. (Invited review article). PDF | URL
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  • Pek JW. (2018) Stable intronic sequence RNAs engage in feedback loops. Trends in Genetics 34: 330–332. PDF
  • Bai B*, Wang L*, Zhang YJ, Lee M, Rahmadsyah, Alfiko Y, Ye BQ, Purwantomo S, Suwanto A, Chua NH and Yue GH (* equal contribution). (2018) Developing genome-wide SNPs and constructing an ultrahigh-density linkage map in oil palm. Scientific Reports 8: 691. Abstract | PDF
  • Kumar SR, Chelvaretnam S, Tan Y, Prabakaran M. (2018) Broadening the H5N3 vaccine immunogenicity against H5N1 virus by modification of neutralizing epitopes. Viruses 10(1): 2. Doi:10.3390/v10010002. Abstract | URL
  • Goh E and Okamura K. (2018) Gateway to Understanding Argonaute Loading of Single-Stranded RNAs: Preparation of Deep Sequencing Libraries with In Vitro Loading Samples. Methods in Molecular Biology 1680: 41-63. Abstract | URL
  • Liu Y, Koh CMJ, Yap SA, Du M, Hlaing MM, and Ji L. (2018) Identification of novel genes in the carotenogenic and oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula toruloides through genome-wide insertional mutagenesis. BMC Microbiology 18: 14. Abstract | PDF
  • AYE Ng#, AQE Ng# and D Zhang. (2018) ER-PM contacts restrict exocytic sites for polarized morphogenesis. Current Biology 28: 146–153.e6. (#co-first author). PDF
  • Lin G, Wang L, Ngoh, ST, Ji LH, Orbán L, Yue GH. (2018) Mapping QTL for omega-3 content in hybrid saline tilapia. Marine Biotechnology 20 (1): 10-19. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Xiang Jinzhu, Cao Suying, Zhong Liang, Wang Hanning, Pei Yangli, Wei Qingqing, Wen Bingqiang, Mu Haiyuan, Zhang Shaopeng, Yue Liang, Yue Genhua, Lim Bing, Han Jianyong. (2018) Pluripotent stem cells secrete Activin A to improve their epiblast competency after injection into recipient embryos. Protein & Cell 9: 717-728. PDF