Recent Publications

  • Wang L#, Yeo S#, Lee M#, Endah S, Alhuda, NA, and Yue GH (#equal contribution). (2023) Combination of GWAS and FST-based approaches identified loci associated with economic traits in sugarcane. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 298: 1107–1120. Abstract | PDF
  • Koh SS, Dev K, Tan JJ, Teo VX, Zhang S, Dinish US, Olivo M, Urano D. (2023) Classification of plant endogenous states using machine learning-derived agricultural indices. Plant Phenomics 5: 0060. URL
  • Song Wang, Vaishnavi Amarr Reddy, Mervin Chun-Yi Ang, Jianqiao Cui, Duc Thinh Khong, Yangyang Han, Suh In Loh, Raju Cheerlavancha, Gajendra Pratap Singh, Sarojam Rajani*, and Michael S. Strano*. (2023) Single-Crystal 2D Covalent Organic Frameworks for Plant Biotechnology. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1: 1. Journal of the American Chemical Society. URL
  • Wong J, Sun F, Wang L, Yang ZT, Wen YF, Pang HY, Lee M, Yeo ST, Liang B, Chen K, Jiang JH & Yue GH. (2023) Changes in genetic diversity of Asian seabass in a 20-year breeding program. Aquaculture 575: 739738. Abstract | PDF
  • Yang Zituo+, Wong Joey +, Wang Le, Sun Fei and Yue GH (+: equal contribution to this work). (2023) pomc knockout increases growth in zebrafish. Aquaculture 574: 739707. Abstract | URL
  • Yeo ST#, Lee M#, Wang L, Endah S, Alhuda, NA, and Yue GH (#Equal Contribution).. (2023) Microsatellite analysis of genetic diversity and relationships in 1027 sugarcane accessions. Sugar Tech 25: 1082–1091. Abstract | PDF
  • Shen Q, Yang F, Naqvi N. (2023) A mitochondrial regulon for developmental ferroptosis in rice blast. BioRxiv -: -. Preprint PDF | URL
  • Selvaraj P*, Chen X*, Lin L, Fang W, Wu C, Yang P, Zhang J, Abubakar Y, Yang F, Lu G, Liu W, Wang Z, Naqvi N*, Zheng W*. (2023) Rab7/Retromer-based endolysosomal trafficking is essential for proper host invasion in rice blast. New Phytologist 239(4): 1384-1403. PDF | URL
  • 148. Tan CW, Garmage AM, Yap WC, Tang LJW, Sun Y, Yang XI, Pyke A, Chua KB, Wang LF.. (2023) Pteropine orthoreoviruses use cell surface heparan sulfate as an attachment receptor.. Emerging Microbes and Infection 12: 1-13. Acknowledgement
    This work is supported in part by grants from Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF2016NRF-NSFC002-013, awarded to WLF) and the National Medical Research Council (MOH-00535/MOH-OFYIRGnov-0002, awarded to TCW).. Abstract | PDF
  • Dong Y, Wu TY, Urano D. (2023) Heterotrimeric G proteins in crop improvement. Molecular Plant 16: 806-808. URL
  • Peng Zheng, Kayo Kumadaki, Christopher Quek, Zeng Hao Lim, Yonatan Ashenafi, Zhi Ting Yip, Jay Newby, Andrew J. Alverson, Yan Jie and Gregory Jedd. (2023) Cooperative Motility, Force Generation and Mechanosensing in a Foraging Non-Photosynthetic Diatom. BioRxiv preprint. BioRxiv x: x. PDF | URL
  • Chen C-Y*, Gu K*, Selvaraj P, Pavagadhi S, Yeap Y, Swarup S, Zheng W, Naqvi N. (2023) Penicillium citrinum Provides Transkingdom Growth Benefits in Choy Sum (Brassica rapa var. parachinensis). Journal of Fungi 9: 420. PDF | URL
  • Lee RMQ, Koh T-W. (2023) Genetic Modifiers of Synucleinopathies - Lessons from Experimental Models. Oxford Open Neuroscience na: kvad001. Abstract | URL
  • Sng BJR#, Vu KV#, Choi IKY#, Chin HJ, Jang IC. (2023) LONG HYPOCOTYL IN FAR-RED 1 mediates a trade-off between growth and defense under shade in Arabidopsis. Journal of Experimental Botany 74: 3560-3578. (#first authors). URL
  • Pek JW. (2023) The birth of stable introns. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 24: 453. PDF link:
  • Dinish US, Teo MJT, Teo VX, Dev K, Tan JJ, Koh SS, Urano D, Olivo M. (2023) Miniaturized Vis-NIR handheld spectrometer for non-invasive plant pigment quantification. Scientific Reports 13: 9524. URL
  • Chan J*, Carmen LCP*, Qi LS, Prabakaran M. (2023) Identification and characterization of Immunoglobulin Tau (IgT) in Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer) and mucosal immune response to Nervous necrosis virus. Frontiers in Immunology 14: 1146387. (*Co-first author). Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Bu S#, Lau SSY#, Yong WL#, Zhang H#, Thiagarajan S, Bashirullah A, Yu F*. (2023) Polycomb group genes are required for neuronal pruning in Drosophila.. BMC Biology 21(1): 33. Abstract | URL
  • Hoh KL#, Mu B#, See T#, Ng AYE, Ng AQE and Zhang D*. (2023) VAP-mediated membrane tethering mechanisms implicate ER-PM contact function in pH homeostasis. Biorxiv (preprint). Biorxiv xx: xx. (#equal contribution). PDF | URL
  • Zhang J, Zhang S, Sun Z, Cai Y, Zhong G and Yi X. (2023) Camptothecin Effectively Regulates Germline Differentiation through Bam–Cyclin A Axis in Drosophila melanogaster. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24: 1617. Abstract | PDF | URL
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