Vision, Mission and Charter


Our vision is to build a preeminent organization of global talent to undertake bio-molecular science research and applications to benefit people in Asia and beyond.


To harness the power of the life sciences to improve lives.


TLL is a beneficiary of Temasek Trust and is an institution with a reputation of integrity and excellence.

  • It offers research funding for programmes in line with its strategic focus, and welcomes complementary funding from other sources as a market test of research ideas.
  • It values integrity and excellence and expects the new knowledge and its application to contribute to the well-being of mankind.

TLL is a developer of people to deliver breakthrough science and impactful application

  • It attracts established and young researchers, trains and mentors budding scientists as well as establishes a network of alumni and other scientific and industrial collaborators to achieve breakthrough science and impactful applications.
  • It supports, nurtures and challenges our people to be leaders in their fields of science and technology.

TLL is an organisation of people who strive to strengthen it to benefit society and the economy

  • It motivates and incentivises its people to continuously strengthen the organisation as they build up their own credentials.
  • It encourages collaborations and partnerships with fellow researchers in basic and applied research to multiply its capabilities to contribute through its research and application to society and economy especially in Asia.