Scientists in TLL come from all around the world, and have different scientific backgrounds and specializations. There are plenty of opportunities to interact and exchange as TLL researchers engage in a wide range of scientific and social activities.

The weekly Friday afternoon seminar is an opportunity for students, post-docs and group leaders to present their work to the whole TLL community. These seminars are followed by a Happy Hour where TLL researchers (with families and friends) as well as scientists from neighbouring institutions enjoy an informal setting to interact and socialize. With a foosball table, dart board and many more games, “training at TLL” is not restricted to science alone…

Various meetings such as the Fish Club, the weekly Yeast and Fungal Meeting and many more bring together researchers from different groups to discuss recent scientific developments in common areas of interest as well as research progress in their groups.

Students at TLL meet on Thursdays to hold their own seminar series. Since only the latest and most exciting publications are presented to stimulate frank discussions, this journal club attracts a large audience not only amongst the students, but also from the whole TLL research community.

During frequent visits by scientists from all around the world, TLL hosts stimulating seminars, and students and postdocs get to interact personally with guests from various fields to share ideas and get new perspectives.

TLL is located on the campus of the National University of Singapore (NUS), in close vicinity to the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, the Genome Institute of Singapore, and Department of Biological Sciences and Faculty of Medicine at NUS. The green, park-like campus invites to take a relaxing walk, and also houses a wide range of sports facilities for badminton, tennis, squash, swimming, rock climbing, soccer and many more ( The campus is well connected with the city centre by public transport, making it easy to enjoy Singapore’s cultural activities and nightlife.