Laboratory Technologist/ Assistant Research Officer/ Research Officer


  • Provide assistance to research in Molecular Pathogenesis, Developmental Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology of model research organisms (e.g. Arabidopsis, C. elegans, Drosophila, Rice, Xenopus, Yeast, Zebrafish)
    Such as:
    • Gene cloning, gene expression in bacteria, yeast and/or mammalian system, transfection, in situ hybridization and cDNA library construction; or
    • Cell culture, monoclonal antibody production, various immunologic/virologic methods to study antibody and antigen reaction; or
    • Improving cotton transformation efficiency through traditional and novel molecular techniques. Prior experience in plant tissue culture work is essential and experience in molecular cloning will be advantageous


  • Dip/BSc/MSc/PhD (Biotechnology/Biological Sciences/Agricultural Sciences or related fields)
  • Basic lab experience with knowledge in lab techniques such as molecular biology technique etc.
  • Team player

The salary given is commensurable to educational qualification and working experience of the candidate. Benefits include annual leave, medical and flexi-benefits, etc.

Interested individuals, please state position applying for and send/email your resume to:


(Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified)