Recent Publications

  • Ng SSJ*, Zheng RT*, Osman I and Pek JW. (2018) Generation of Drosophila sisRNAs by independent transcription from cognate introns. iScience 4: 68–75. *equal contributions
  • Shu-Ye Jiang, Ali Ma, Jeevanandam Vanitha, Lifen Xie and Srinivasan Ramachandran. (2018) Functional characterization of transposon-tagged abiotic stress-responsive rice genes and their molecular polymorphisms among various stress-tolerant genotypes. Molecular Breeding 38: 57 - 71
  • Pek JW. (2018) Stable intronic sequence RNAs engage in feedback loops. Trends in Genetics 34: 330–332
  • Premanand B, Zhong Wee P, Prabakaran M. (2018) Baculovirus surface display of immunogenic proteins for vaccine development. Viruses 10(6): 298. Doi:10.3390/v10060298
  • Kim JY, Park BS, Park SW, Lee HY, Song JT and Seo HS. (2018) Nitrate Reductases Are Relocalized to the Nucleus by AtSIZ1 and Their Levels Are Negatively Regulated by COP1 and Ammonium. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19: e1202
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