Recent Publications

  • Yadav V*, Yang F*, Reza H, Sanyal K, Naqvi N. (2018) Cellular dynamics and genomic identity of centromeres in Rice Blast. BioRxiv /475574. (Co-first author; Preprint:
  • Liu L, Li C, Liang Z, Yu H. (2018) Characterization of multiple C2 domain and transmembrane region proteins in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 176: 2119-2132
  • Liang Z*, Shen L*, Cui X#, Bao S, Geng Y, Yu G, Liang F, Xie S, Lu T, Gu X**, Yu H**. (2018) DNA N6-adenine methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Developmental Cell 45: 406-416. (*co-first author; **co-corresponding author)
  • Park BS, Yao T, Seo JS, Wong ECC, Mitsuda N, Huang CH and Chua NH. (2018) Arabidopsis NITROGEN LIMITATION ADAPTATION regulates ORE1 homeostasis during senescence induced by nitrogen deficiency. Nature Plants 4: 898-903
  • Zhang YJ, Bai B, Lee M, Alfiko Y, Suwanto A and Yue GH. (2018) Cloning and characterization of EgGDSL, a gene associated with oil content in oil palm. Scientific Reports 8: 11406
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