Publications - 2012

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  • Park BS, Kim SI, Song JT and Seo HS. (2012) Arabidopsis SIZ1 positively regulates alternative respiratory bypass pathways. BMC Reports 45: 342-347. Abstract | URL
  • Liu L*, Liu C*, Hou X, Xi W, Shen L, Tao Z, Wang Y, Yu H. (2012) FTIP1 is an essential regulator required for florigen transport. PLOS Biology 10: e1001313. (*co-first authors). Abstract | URL
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  • Urano D, Phan N, Jones JC, Yang J, Huang J, Grigston J, Taylor JP, Jones AM. (2012) Endocytosis of the seven-transmembrane RGS1 protein activates G-protein-coupled signalling in Arabidopsis. Nature Cell Biology 14: 1079-88
  • Urano D, Jones JC, Wang H, Matthews M, Bradford W, Bennetzen JL, Jones AM. (2012) G protein activation without a GEF in the plant kingdom. PLoS Genetics 8: e1002756
  • Ong CT, Corces VG. (2012) Enhancers: emerging roles in cell fate specification. EMBO reports 13(5): 423-30
  • Pek, J.W., Ng, B.F. and Kai, T. (2012) Polo-mediated phosphorylation of Maelstrom regulates oocyte determination during oogenesis in Drosophila. Development 139: 4505-4513. PDF
  • Pek, J.W.*, Anand, A. and Kai, T.*. (2012) Tudor domain proteins in development. Development 139: 2255-2266. (*co-corresponding authors). PDF
  • Pek, J.W.*, Patil, V.S.* and Kai, T. (2012) piRNA pathway and the potential processing site, the nuage, in the Drosophila germline. Dev. Growth Differ. 54: 66-77. (*co-first authors). PDF
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