Publications - 2010

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  • Qiao Y, Jiang W, Lee J, Park BS, Choi MS, Piao R, Woo MO, Roh JH, Han L, Paek NC, Seo HS and Koh HJ. (2010) SPL28 encodes a clathrin-associated adaptor protein complex 1, medium subunit micro 1 (AP1M1) and is responsible for spotted leaf and early senescence in rice (Oryza sativa). New Phytologist 185: 258-274. Abstract | URL
  • Liesegang H, Kaster AK, Wiezer A, Goenrich M, Wollherr A, Seedorf H, Gottschalk G and Thauer RK. (2010) Complete genome sequence of Methanothermobacter marburgensis, a methanoarchaeon model organism. Journal of Bacteriology 192: 5850-5851
  • Prabakaran M, He F, Meng T, Madhan S, Yunrui T, Jia Q, Kwang J. (2010) Neutralizing epitopes of influenza virus hemagglutinin: target for the development of a universal vaccine against H5N1 lineages. Journal of Virology 84 (22): 11822-11830
  • Prabakaran M, Madhan S, Prabhu N, Qiang J, Kwang J. (2010) Gastrointestinal delivery of baculovirus displaying influenza virus hemagglutinin protects mice against heterologous H5N1 infection. Journal of Virology 84 (7): 3201-3209
  • Prabakaran M, Madhan S, Prabhu N, Geng GY, New R, Kwang J. (2010) Reverse micelle-encapsulated recombinant baculovirus as an oral vaccine against H5N1 infection in mice. Antiviral Research 86(2): 180-187
  • Madhan S, Prabakaran M, Kwang J. (2010) Baculovirus as vaccine vectors. Current Gene Therapy 10(3): 201-213
  • D Zhang, A Vjestica and S Oliferenko. (2010) The Cortical ER Network Limits the Permissive Zone for Actomyosin Ring Assembly. Current Biology 20: 1029–1034. Highlighted by “Dispatches” in Current Biology 20: R484-6, 2010. PDF
  • Chem YK, Zainah S, Khairul AH, Chua KB. (2010) Molecular epidemiology of chikungunya virus in peninsular Malaysia since its first emergence in 1998. Med J Malaysia 65: 31-5
  • Chua HH, Abdul Rasid K, Law WC, Maizah A, Chem. YK, Khairul AH, Chua KB. (2010) A Fatal Case of Chikungunya Virus Infection with Liver Involvement. Med J Malaysia 65: 83-4
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