Publications - 2009

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  • Liu C, Xi W*, Shen L*, Tan C, Yu H. (2009) Regulation of Floral Patterning by Flowering Time Genes. Developmental Cell 16: 711–722. (*equal contribution). Abstract
  • Nakata A, Urano D, Fujii-Kuriyama Y, Mizuno N, Tago K, Itoh H. (2009) G-protein signalling negatively regulates the stability of aryl hydrocarbon receptor. EMBO reports 10: 622-8
  • Mahowald MA, Rey FE, Seedorf H, Turnbaugh PJ, Fulton RS, Wollam A, Shah N, Wang C, Magrini V, Wilson RK, Cantarel BL, Coutinho PM, Henrissat B, Crock LW, Russell A, Verberkmoes NC, Hettich RL and Gordon JI. (2009) Characterizing a model human gut microbiota composed of members of its two dominant bacterial phyla. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 106: 5859-5864
  • Prabakaran M, Prabhu N, He F, Hongliang Q, Ho HT, Qiang J, Meng T, Goutama M, Kwang J. (2009) Combination therapy using chimeric monoclonal antibodies protects mice from lethal H5N1 infection and prevents formation of escape mutants. PLoS One 4 (5): e5672
  • Prabakaran M, Ho HT, Prabhu N, Velumani S, Szyporta M, He F, Chan KP, Chen LM, Matsuoka Y, Donis RO, Kwang J. (2009) Development of epitope-blocking ELISA for universal detection of antibodies to human H5N1 influenza viruses. PLoS One 4 (2): e4566
  • Prabhu N*, Prabakaran M*, Hongliang Q, He F, Ho HT, Qiang J, Goutama M, Lim AP, Hanson BJ, Kwang J. (2009) Prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of a chimeric monoclonal antibody specific for H5 haemagglutinin against lethal H5N1 influenza. Antiviral Research 14 (7): 911-921. (*Co-first author)
  • Prabhu N *, Prabakaran M*, Ho H, Velumani S, Qiang J, Goutama M, Kwang J. (2009) Monoclonal antibodies against the fusion peptide of Hemagglutinin protect mice from lethal Influenza A H5N1 Infection. Journal of Virology 83 (6): 2553-2562. (*Co-first author)
  • Ho HT, Qian HL, He F, Meng T, Szyporta M, Prabhu N, Prabakaran M, Chan KP, Kwang J. (2009) Rapid detection of H5N1 subtype influenza viruses by antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using H5- and N1-specific monoclonal antibodies. Clinical Vaccine Immunology 16(5): 726-732
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