Recent Publications

  • Shen YB and Yue GH. (2019) Current status of research on aquaculture genetics and genomics-information from ISGA 2018. Aquaculture and Fisheries (Science Press China) 4(2): 43-47. Abstract | PDF
  • Chen YH, Lian YY, He HH, Yuan K, Zhang CZ, Yue GH and He JG. (2019) Functional characterization of an ER-stress responding Crustin gene in Litopenaeus vannamei. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 84: 541-550. Abstract | PDF
  • Wu D, Liang Z, Yan T, Xu Y, Xuan L, Tang J, Zhou G, Lohwasser U, Hua S, Wang H, Chen X, Wang Q, Zhu L, Maodzeka A, Hussain N, Li Z, Li X, Shamsi I, Jilani G, Wu L, Zheng H, Zhang G, Chalhoub B, Shen L*, Yu H*, Jiang L*. (2019) Whole-genome resequencing of a world-wide collection of rapeseed accessions reveals the genetic basis of ecotype divergence. Molecular Plant 12: 30-43. (*Co-corresponding author)
  • Uehara A, Tan CW, Mani S, Chua KB, Leo YS, Anderson DE and Wang LF.. (2019) Serological evidence of human infection by bats orthoreovirus in Singapore. journal of medical virology 91(4): 707-10. Abstract | PDF
  • Zhang R, Hong JJ, Yang QY, Ong CT, Li BA, Liou YC. (2019) Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation of OVOL2 regulates aneuploidy and cell death in cancer cells. Oncogene 38: 2750-2766
  • Adusumalli S, Ngian ZK, Lin WQ, Benoukraf T, Ong CT. (2019) Increased intron retention is a post-transcriptional signature associated with progressive aging and Alzheimer's disease. Aging Cell 18(3): e12928. PDF
  • Goh E and Okamura K. (2019) Hidden sequence specificity in loading of single-stranded RNAs onto Drosophila Argonautes. Nucleic Acids Research 47: 3101-3116. Abstract | PDF | URL
  • Zheng J, Zhuang Y, Mao HZ, Jang IC. (2019) Overexpression of SrDXS1 and SrKAH Enhances Steviol Glycosides Content in Transgenic Stevia Plants. BMC Plant Biology 19: 1. PDF
  • Kim MJ#, Zheng J#, Liao MH, Jang IC. (2019) Overexpression of SrUGT76G1 in Stevia alters major steviol glycosides composition towards improved quality. Plant Biotechnology Journal 17: 1037-1047. (#Co-first authors). URL
  • Chan SN and Pek JW. (2019) Stable intronic sequence RNAs (sisRNAs): an expanding universe. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 44: 258-272. PDF | URL
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