Urano DAISUKE, Ph.D, Principal Investigator

Dr. Daisuke Urano obtained his bachelor degree at the University of Tokyo (2002) and doctoral degree at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (2008) in Japan, where he studied signal transduction networks in the field of biomedical sciences. During his postdoctoral training in Dr. Alan Jones laboratory at the University of North Carolina (2010-2015), he researched on the evolution of signaling networks systems using heterotrimeric G protein complex in plants and protists. He launched his own laboratory at the Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL) in December 2015.

You may wish to contact Dr Urano DAISUKE at:

Tel: (65) 6872 7423 or 6872 7093 (lab)  Email: daisuke@tll.org.sg

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Research Interests

  1. Discovery of Novel Genetic and Pharmacological Targets in Plant Stress Responses
  2. Structure Driven Drug Design to Improve Plant Tolerance to Environmental Stresses
  3. Signal Transduction Systems and their Evolution

While biological function constrained the overall topology of signaling networks, gene duplication and subsequent mutations conferred evolutionary diversities to these networks. A rich genome dataset allows us to infer complexity, specificity and divergence of extant signaling networks in various biological systems. Combined with high-throughput “omics” approaches, we aim to elucidate (1) an evolutionarily constrained, therefore biologically important signal transduction networks in plant abiotic responses, then (2) discover genetic or pharmacological targets to improve plant traits under stress conditions. We also aim to understand (3) how signaling network systems can be adapted and evolved in response to genetic and environmental changes. We currently focus on G protein signaling networks in several model plants.