Lianghui JI, Ph.D, Senior Principal Investigator

Lianghui Ji got his first degree in 1984 in China before joining China National Rice Research Institute. He obtained his Ph.D under the supervision of Dr Peter Langridge at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He moved to Singapore in 1997 to take up a research fellowship working on plant-virus interaction with Dr Ding Shou-Wei and then briefly on functional genomics of Ustilago maydis with Dr Zhang Lian-Hui. He joined TLL in 2003 starting as a research associate and was promoted to Laboratory Manager shortly after. He became an Assistant Director in 2005. He is currently Director (SRP).

You may wish to contact Dr Lianghui JI at: Tel:(65) 6872 7000, 6872 7483 (DID) or 6872 7484 (lab) Email:

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 Research Interests

  • Synthetic biology and bioprocess for the production of biosurfactant, specialty fat, and flavor and fragrance
  • Nitrogen-fixation in non-legume plants and development of biofertilizer
  • Genetic engineering of oil palm, Jatropha curcas, cotton and soybean
  • Development of bioresource and technology for bioresin production

Research Projects

Started as a small team for technology development in cotton transformation, our group is currently undergoing multi-disciplinary research to help address the challenge of energy supply, environmental pollution and global warming. Research projects are centered on the development of novel as well as improved technologies for production of bio-based chemicals, fuel and materials. Organisms ranging from bacteria, fungi, microalgae to plants are being studied. Another aspect of the research focuses on the value extraction from agricultural and industrial by-products.