Dr Urano Daisuke Group: Postdoctoral Position

Our project aims to elucidate signaling and structural mechanisms of heterotrimeric G-protein in plants and a few other eukaryotes. We would also like to understand how signaling networks have evolved and expanded along the evolutionary history of eukaryotes by comparing the structures and functions of G protein in multiple species (a few plants and a few single cellular eukaryotes).

Relevant publications: Bradford W (2013) Science Signaling, Urano D (2016) Science Signaling

Other publications: Urano D (2012) Nature Cell Biology, Urano D (2014) Annual Review of Plant Biology, Wu TW (2021) Nature Plants, Wu TW (2022) Molecular Plant, Leong R (2023) New Phytologist.

The full publication list can be found at http://www.tll.org.sg/group-leaders/urano-daisuke/


The research project will use computational and experimental techniques (structural bioinformatics and biochemistry) to understand the relationship between structural and functional evolution of heterotrimeric G protein. The detail of projects can be discussed during an interview.


  • PhD in molecular genetics and/or biochemistry
  • Knowledge in G protein signaling would be advantageous, but not essential
  • Advanced experience in protein expression and purification from E. coli is required
  • Excellent communication skills and research ethics are highly required

Salary and benefits are commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidate. Benefits include annual leave, medical and flexi-benefits, etc.

Interested individuals should send their applications (including a cover letter – please include a short description of career goal, curriculum vitae, and three referees’ contacts/recommendation letters) to:

Dr. URANO, Daisuke
Principal Investigator
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Ltd
Email: daisuke@tll.org.sg

(Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified)