Dr Koh Tong-Wey Group: Assistant Research Officer

Dr Koh Tong-Wey Group is seeking for an Assistant Research Officer to develop a diagnostic method for Parkinson’s disease (PD). This project has been recently selected by the Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge for a Catalyst Award, and will be conducted in collaboration with Dr Ian Cheong’s Group at TLL. The diagnostic method involves a combination of colorimetric sensor array and machine learning to recognise combinations of metabolites that distinguish between samples from PD cases and controls. The work involves enhancing an existing array by testing additional colorimetric reactions that detect metabolites that are specific for PD.


  • Identification of metabolites that are enriched or depleted in urine samples from PD
  • Testing an existing colorimetric sensor array on urine samples
  • Development of new colorimetric assays for PD-specific metabolites


  • BSc Degree in Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biochemistry or equivalent
  • Two or more stints of research experience (including Final Year Project)
  • Experience in analytical chemistry techniques
  • Familiarity with mammalian metabolism and organic chemistry
  • Ability to conduct inter-disciplinary and collaborative research

Salary and benefits are commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates. Benefits include annual leave, medical and flexi-benefits, etc.

Interested individuals should send their curriculum vitae with cover letter (include a short statement of the research interests) and contact details of at least three referees to:

Dr KOH Tong-Wey
Principal Investigator
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory
Email: tongwey@tll.org.sg

(Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified)